How to get to Phuket

There are a number of ways to get to Phuket. Whether you plan to travel by plane, train or automobile, the island is easily accessible – even by boat.

Travel by car

To get to Phuket by car you’re going to need to travel through Ranong province and onto Phang-nga province to a town called Kok Kloy. From there, Sarasin Bridge awaits to be your gateway to Phuket.

Travel by sea

Although not the easiest way to get to the island, there are a number of cruise ships that stop in Phuket.

Travel by bus

Phuket doesn’t have a train station, so travel by bus is the only way of going to and from the island on public transport. The Phuket Bus Terminal 076-211-480) is located in Phuket Town just off Phang Nga Road. Tickets to the provinces can be bought in advance, plus there are minibuses going to Penang and Singapore. There are daily buses between Bangkok and Phuket – with and without aircon. The journey takes about 14 hours and is best endured overnight. Expect to pay 700 to 800 baht one-way. Buses terminate at the Southern Bus Terminal (02-434-7192, 4345557-8) in Bangkok

Travel by air

The low cost of Phuket flights in Thailand means that travel to Phuket by air is becoming increasingly popular, even with backpackers on shoestring budgets. Thai Airways (, One Two Go ( and Air Asia ( operate flights between Bangkok and Phuket. Bangkok Airways flies between Bangkok and Koh Samui. Phuket has an international airport so there are also flights to Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and so on.