Patong and Kalim nightlife

Patong is the center of activity in Phuket. Whatever you’re into, you can find it in Patong. There are rows of go-go bars and beer bars on Soi Bangla, which is where most people seem to converge. Around the busiest spots, nightlife in Patong is dirty, loud and cheap. It is what it is, so don’t take Patong’s nightlife too seriously and don’t expect too much. Along the beach road there are a few decent clubs and bars. The further out you get, towards Kalim, the more upmarket the bars become.

Go-go bars

The go-go bars in Patong may not be particularly numerous, but they never seem to dwindle in terms of popularity. While the go-go scene in Patong has calmed down a lot in recent years, it’s still easy enough to cop an eyeful and find the Thai girl of your dreams. Most of the Thai girls in Patong’s go-go bars wear bikinis or something similar, but there are always a few who go a bit further.

The majority of Patong’s go-go bars are located on Soi Seadragon. Check out place likes the amusingly named Rock Hard Café, Dragon Club, Showgirls, Playschool, The Heights and Lolita.

Beer bars

Beer bars are all over Patong. There are endless rows of the crammed into every corner of the area, up streets, down sois, tucked away here there and everywhere. While the go-go bars are usually quite full on, the beers bars of Patong are a lot more relaxed and it’s possible to just have a drink and chill.

There’s still lots of eye candy, coming in the form of the beer-bar hostesses. These pretty Thai girls will lure you in, get you seated and then see what they can get out of you. Games of Connect 4 are commonplace. You might win a few games, but by the time you’re betting for drinks, you’ll always lost.

The girls will keep you entertained so long as the drinks keep flowing. If you want to take one of the Thai girls out or even take her home – and a lot of men do – you have to pay a bar fine to relinquish the young lady of her duties for the night. To have sex with one of these women will cost you an additional fee, to be agreed on by the two parties.

There are so many beer bar employing so many Thai girls that it’s pointless to recommend where to go. Take a stroll around Soi Bangla until you find somewhere – or someone – you like. Bar hopping around Bangla is a lot of fun.