Phuket girls

When people think about Phuket girls, they’ll think of one of two things: girls who live in Phuket or bar girls. Phuket has a busy sex industry and it would be naïve to act as if it doesn’t exist. Though you may not like it – and many people don’t – a large number of men come to Phuket with sole intention of meeting Phuket girls. If you are one of those men then good luck to you. The Phuket girls you find in the bars and clubs of Patong will keep the sweet talk up so long as the drinks flow and the money keeps coming.

Phuket girls dancing in a go-go bars

It isn’t all as sinister as you may think. There are lots of Phuket girls working as prostitutes, but they’re not flaunting themselves all over the island day and night. The hub of the action, so to speak, is in Patong and Soi Bangla. There you will find numerous beer bars, a few go-gos and several discos. Not every single Phuket girl you meet will be a prostitute. However, if you’re walking down the street or sitting at a bar and you suddenly find yourself with an attractive companion whispering sweet nothings in your ear, then you’ve probably found a hooker.

There is no doubt that Phuket girls are generally very attractive. Believe it or not, however, it is possible to meet Phuket girls who don’t work in bars and who don’t offer sex for money. If half the men in Phuket realized this then there could be a revolution. The girls in Phuket don’t differ much from the girls in Bangkok, although you would normally be able to tell a southern girl from a northern girl. Some men come to Phuket to meet bar girls, some men come to meet girls they’ve met on the Internet and some men come to meet other men. It’s horses for courses.

People who stay on the island a little longer than a week usually manage to hone their social skills so that they can talk to Phuket girls away from the bar scene. If you must partake in the bar girl scene in Phuket, it really is very simple. Bars and clubs work on a bar-fine system whereby if you like a girl, you pay a set fee and relinquish the girl of her duties for the night. You then have to negotiate whether you’re in for short time or the long haul and how much it is going to cost you. Some men pick up what are known as “freelancers”, which are prostitutes not tied to a bar or club. They might be out at a disco or else walking around the street. Stay safe.