Phuket islands

Rang Yai Island in Phuket

Phuket is famous for its beaches, but people often overlook the fact that there are several beautiful islands off the coast of Phuket that are really easy to travel to. Phuket’s islands are small and range from totally deserted to luxury resorts. You can find your own island hideaway if you want to.

The advantage of traveling to one of the Phuket islands is that most tourists don’t even think of doing so, instead heading for the beaches. If you want privacy, golden sand and fantastic water, checking out one of the Phuket islands is definitely your best bet.

Most of the islands can be reached by simply hiring a longtail boat from one of Phuket’s piers. Everything can be arranged for very little money. Traveling to one of the islands off the coast is really the best way to experience what Phuket has to offer. Often you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of what Phuket looked like before tourists flooded the island.

Of course, Phuket’s beaches aren’t all doom and gloom, but if you can’t find peace and serenity on the main island, there’s no harm in looking a little off the coast.