9 Richter nightclub in Phuket City

Ad: Rassada Rd, Phuket City.

Nightlife in Phuket takes on many forms. Right at the top of the local music scene in Phuket are clubs such as 9 Richters, where you can drink and dance to local bands and DJs. 9 Richter is one of the newest clubs in Phuket City and it’s a small venue that really only gets busy on the weekend.

Thai bands rattle through local favorites before a DJ comes out with the usual techno tunes to bring the night to a close. 9 Richter is a decent club in Phuket City that is cheap and friendly, usually with enough space to move, unlike some of the other clubs and bars in Phuket City.

9 Richter occasionally hosts special events with Thai bands such as Modern Dog. The crowd are generally a friendly bunch and foreigners are most welcome. 9 Richter closes at about 1 am. It’s a decent place to party in Phuket City.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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