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Like any other place in the world, Phuket has its charms and its drawbacks. In this case, however, the charms outnumber the drawbacks by a fairly overwhelming majority. In fact, the only drawback worth mentioning is that because of all its charms, a whole lot of people are now aware of its existence and quite a few of them are making plans to go there. With that said, this Phuket guide offers just a handful of tips and suggestions if you’re one of those eager to visit.

To begin with, you can expect world-class resorts and spas right along with rustic, bare-bones accommodations; you can see the most glamorous and extravagant transvestite show in Asia after a 30 minute (or less) drive from some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches anywhere on earth. You can join the rowdy and enthusiastic nightlife at Patong Beach, or you could have a four or five-day liveaboard scuba and snorkelling adventure among the islands off the coast of Phuket complete with a local Phuket guide

One thing many Europeans need to remember is that the climate in Phuket is warm to hot all year round. During the rainy season, mostly from early March to early May, it is also very humid, and the normally pellucid waters around the island may be cloudy, with tricky currents and undertows. The water is never too cold for swimming, but do not fail to observe any red flags and don’t go in the water if warning signals are in place, or your Phuket guide advises against swimming.

If you’re interested in food (who isn’t?) this is a great place to try something new, or just savour the difference in seafood caught a couple of hours ago, or pineapple fresh off the plantation. There is an abundance of restaurants in Phuket that rival any gourmet dining you’ll ever encounter, but don’t miss out on the delights of local traditional Thai favourites, and you must try the native rose apples and mangosteen fruit that you’ll probably never find at home.

Mostly due to its growing popularity as a tourist destination, you will find English speaking Phuket guide helpers almost everywhere you go in Phuket, but a few simple words and phrases in Thai will go a long way towards making your visit a pleasure for all concerned. However, if you get into trouble, the voice of experience advises foreigners to contact the tourist police, many of whom are westerners, not Thai.

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