Affordable Hotels in Karon

If you will be traveling on a budget and are planning to visit Phuket, then Karon Beach could just be the most ideal destination for you. Karon offers more peace than the busy Patong. It has plenty of restaurants, bars, shops and activities for you and your travel companions to engage in. Most of all, you would certainly be able to experience the beauty and relaxation that Karon beach offers from any of its hotels and resorts. As far as the travel expenses are concerned, you need not worry, as most of the hotels in Karon are quite affordable or reasonably priced.

1. Holiday Village and Natural Garden Resort

With their room rates starting at just 600 baht, the Holiday Village and Natural Garden Resort is one of the most affordable hotels in Karon. They offer the comforts and tranquility of home and has complete amenities as well as a private terrace.

2. In On The Beach

In On The Beach is a small hotel which has an elegant swimming pool. All of their rooms have a good view of the breathtaking Andaman Sea and have good amenities for the comfort of their guests.

3. Karon Cafe Inn and Restaurant

The Karon Cafe Inn and Restaurant has been offering economical and comfortable accommodation for about two decades now. They have fully equipped rooms which start at 499 baht a night. They also have a restaurant which serves a wide range of cuisines.

4. Karon Living Room

The Karon Living room offers a relaxing and homely atmosphere with great amenities and beautiful surroundings.

5. Karon Princess Hotel

Located close to the beach, the Karon Princess Hotel offers rooms and suites have private balconies which overlook the garden and the beautiful view of the Andaman Sea. They also have modern and elegant amenities.

6. Phuket Heritage Hotel

If you want to experience old Siam on a budget, then the Phuket Heritage Hotel would be the best place for you. Here, you would be able to enjoy all the comforts and amenities of a 5-star resort at an affordable price.

7. Karon Whale Resort

Situated right in the center of Karon Beach, the Karon Whale Resort sits on scenic landscapes which features both beauty and affordability. It has a convenient distance from all the shops and restaurants. Their rooms are priced as low as 770 baht.

8. Baan Karon Resort

The Baan Karon Resort offers a piece of the magnificent beauty of the island with its 58 rooms, which are priced as low as 900 baht. All of their rooms are well-appointed and clean. The resort also several facilities such as a swimming pool, a pool bar and a Jacuzzi.

9. Baan Karonburi Resort

A modern and Thai-style resort, the Baan Karonburi Resort has rooms which are priced as low as 1,060 baht. They have connecting rooms for friends and families. The resort is a few steps away from Karon Beach and have superb facilities and amenities.

Karon is one of the best places in Phuket that you can go to if you are looking to have an enjoyable yet relaxing time. Karon is definitely more peaceful than bustling Patong so you would surely be able to unwind or bond with your partner or your family. If you are looking to visit Karon in the near future and will be traveling on a budget, make sure that you will be considering these affordable hotels in Karon.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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