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One thing that you will not experience a shortage of while you are in Thailand on vacation is Phuket shopping opportunities. There are plenty of venues for shopping in almost every corner of Phuket making Phuket shopping a holiday goers dream.

Before you choose where to go, you should get a good idea of what type of Phuket shopping stores you should be on the lookout for. While shopping in Phuket you will want to be taking note of the bargain ceramics, paintings, leather goods, jewelry, and textiles. The colors and spirit of these items in Phuket is unmatched by most Westernized countries so be sure to add at least a few of these items onto your Phuket shopping list.

Now that you know what you want in your bag, it is time to learn where to get it because the Phuket shopping scene is very large and varied. For those who want bargains and do not feel like venturing too far out while on vacation Phuket town shopping is an excellent place to start. The downtown area is lined with stores and vendors that operate from the streets offering you the best traditional Thai gifts as well as some excellent clothing, souvenirs, and textiles all for bargain prices.

Those who want to experience the true bazaar Phuket shopping scene should head to Patong Beach in the evening hours where the main roads of the streets are filled with stalls, vendors, and Thai treats to keep your spirits up while you shop. Here you can find anything from handicrafts to scarves to leather goods and more and you can bargain vendors down so that you walk away only spending what you want. The added bonus is that this is a wonderful way to spend an evening after a long day on the beach before heading out to the nightclubs.

Finally, those who want more traditional Westernized shopping experiences should head to Kamala Beach for an experience that ranks up there with Las Vegas’ Ceaser’s Palace. Here you will find more shops, pharmacies, tailors, and bars then you might imagine can exist in such a peaceful exotic place as Phuket. You can pick up pretty much anything you need and everything you want here and for reasonable prices which will help stretch your Phuket shopping budget just a little farther.

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