Babylon Beach Club at Bang Tao Beach

Ad: Bang Tao Beach, past Amora Hotel and turn left. Tel: 081-9705302. Web:

Few restaurants in Phuket can beat Babylon Beach Club in terms of ambience. Located right next to the sea at Bang Tao Beach, Babylon Beach Club offers great food in a real beach setting.

This Bang Tao restaurant has a kind of rustic feel to it, looking more like a beach hut than a restaurant. The menu contains a good variety of Western and Thai food. The Babylon Platter features shrimp cakes, spring rolls and satay — recommended.

The Thai food is delicious and there is also a tasty selection of desserts for afters. Babylon Beach Club is all about the location and is worth making the journey for. A lot of beachside restaurants in Phuket fall short because they’re too popular for their own good, generally marketed towards tourists. Babylon Beach Club is more popular with Phuket’s expat and local communities.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Excellent restaurant for Italian cuisine. The service is warm and kind, the food is exactly my taste and I feel like coming home when I go there. Absolutely recommended to try.

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