Banana nightclub in Patong

Ad: Patong beach road. Tel: 076-340306.

If you want to go clubbing in Patong, chances are you’ll come across Banana disco at some point. It’s one of the most famous clubs in Phuket, but it’s really nothing out of the ordinary. The drinks are priced fairly for a Patong club and the place is a favorite among tourists and local Thai girls out to dance their socks off.

You can usually be assured of a good time at Banana if you’re suitably drunk and out with a large group of friends. The place attracts a few undesirable characters and beer louts, so be careful whose toes you stand on.

The music at Banana in Patong is standard Phuket party tunes, with heavy doses of hip hop and popular dance music. Located on the beach road, Banana is close to several other Patong clubs, so if you don’t like the place, simply leave and head on to the next club. There is usually a small cover charge that includes a couple of drinks.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. enjoyed myself but, and its a big BUT, stay away at weekends because you get the beer louts down from bangkok, they come down at the weekends, it seems most of them are American, prices are high

  2. Yes, Banana does attract the beer crews on tour. Many from Aus and the UK too.

  3. I agree the weekends are just full of drunks, i’ve seen some fights break out there too, it’s a shame too cause it’s a good club.

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