Barzah nightclub in Phuket Town

Ad: Phun Pol Rd.

If you’re brave enough to venture to Phunpol on the shady side of town, you can party late at this hip hop club in Phuket Town that usually stays open until about 2 am or later. Barzah is in a part of Phuket Town that is safe so long as you’re not wandering the streets aimlessly at 4 am.

The music at this Phuket Town nightclub is incredibly loud, but it’s fun if you’re drunk and if you fancy dancing with a large group of local kids. Foreigners are rare at Barzah, but they’re not unwelcome. This is definitely not a place for old dudes to hang out and pick up girls, though.

The club scene in Phuket Town is pretty diverse for such a small area — and Barzah is just one of many clubs that are worth checking out. Beers are a little overpriced, but there is no cover charge. Barzah is also one of the few air-conditioned Phuket Town clubs that still allows smoking.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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