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Phuket, the largest island of Thailand, was first inhabited by the sea gypsies and the Negritos, based on accounts made by historians. The island was first named as Junk Ceylon and later became known as Thalang before eventually getting its current name, Phuket.

An important time in the history of Phuket would be back in the 15th century when the island obtained a reputation of being the leading producer and miner of tin. Because of their local mining industry, Phuket ultimately turned into some kind of a trading hub.

Aside from being a trading hub, Phuket is also known today for having beautiful sandy beaches and scenery, amazing blue waves, upscale hotels and relaxing resorts. These are some of the reason why many tourists flock to the island every year. As a matter of fact, during the high season of November through May, the local Phuket newspaper would regularly report of a new restaurant that opened as well as great deals and packages offered by hotels and resorts.

Unlike television in Thailand, print media such as from a Phuket newspaper is not subject to close supervision of the government. You have a decent choice of different Phuket newspapers, from the sensationalist mass-circulation daily publications to the Phuket newspapers that specifically cover political and business topics. Almost all Phuket newspapers are printed in a broadsheet format though there are some exceptions.

A Phuket newspaper also tells some stories of tourists who are visiting as well as the festivals and events that are happening all over the island. One popular Phuket newspaper would be the Phuket Gazette. It is a weekly English tabloid newspaper that is published by the Phuket Gazette Co Ltd. Established back in 1993 by John Magee, their office is based in Phuket City. This Phuket newspaper is famous for publishing various stories that would be particularly interesting to tourists and expats alike.

They also feature events and festivals happening in different parts of the island. If you are looking for a place to dine in, they also have some advertisements as well as features about various restaurants and the food that they serve. You would also be able to find some great deals and packages which the local hotels and resorts offer. As a Phuket newspaper, the Phuket Gazette serves as a guide for both the locals and tourists on what is happening and what is new on the island.

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