BYD lofts bar in Patong

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Out of the way of most of the bars in Patong, this casual restaurant-cum-nightspot is where the local hipsters and wannabes hang out before heading out to one of the main clubs in Patong. It’s usually used a place for pre-club drinks by people who then head out to Club Lime.

The drinks are expensive, but the ambience is refreshing, with finger food or a full menu if you’re hungry. During high season, BYD Lofts hosts a few parties that usually attracts a decent-sized crowd. There are regular appearances by DJs and live music vocalists, such as local favourite Bonnie Anderson.

BYD Lofts is one of the more appealing restaurants and bars in Patong, but it can be a little too laid back for its own good. Worth a visit if you’re looking for a spot in Patong that isn’t full of sweaty tourists and gyrating go-go dancers.

The food is rather good if you fancy splashing out a bit on various Western dishes: pasta, salad, burgers, steaks and so on.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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