Cape Panwa

Cape Panwa Beach in PhuketCape Panwa, located in the southeast tip of Phuket, is a secluded spot and certainly one of the most striking areas on the island. The main beach at Cape Panwa is called Khao Khat Beach, or just Panwa Beach. While other Phuket beaches have succumbed to development, Panwa Beach has retained much of its beauty and the tourism and property boom is yet to really hit the area.

Panwa Beach is a beautiful spot, but the water is rather shallow and the sand a bit gravly. This isn’t the best place for swimming or snorkeling. Panwa Beach is located close to a number of high-end accommodation options. There are several Cape Panwa hotels and resorts worthy of your attention, including Sri Panwa, the Novotel Panwa Beach Resort and the Cape Panwa Hotel.

Cape Panwa is easy enough to get to. From Phuket City, you just follow Sakadit Road all the way south. Just keep going and you’ll eventually find Panwa Beach. You can park on the main road to gain access to Panwa Beach.

Panwa Beach isn’t such a hive of tourism and so there are comparatively few facilities on the beach. Food and drinks can be bought from the Beach Bar and there are a couple of other small places to eat.

Just around the corner from Panwa Beach is Ao Yon (Yon Bay), which is a similar spot to Panwa Beach. The water is a bit murky and there are lots of boats, meaning that Ao Yon isn’t an ideal place to go swimming. The sand isn’t too powdery, but the scenery is rather charming. On a sunny day, Ao Yon is a beautiful spot, it’s just not your typical beach paradise.

To get to Ao Yon, you head south along Sakadit Road, past Borrae Trading and turn right at the second Novotel sign. Turn left at the T-junction, then hang a left. You can park on the road and walk down to the beach.

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