Cheap Phuket flights: get 'em while they're hot

There has never been a better time to visit Phuket. There are so many airlines offering cheap flights to Phuket that that is really no excuse for not making a booking. Domestic flights in particular are still as much of a bargain as ever.

The most common flight we make in Thailand is between Phuket and Bangkok. Although we love Phuket, there are times when a visit to the big city is a must. There are several airlines to choose from. We’ve found that Air Asia consistently offers the cheapest Phuket flights to and from Bangkok.

Air Asia is a one of those no-frills airlines. There’s no in-flight entertainment and you have to pay extra if you want to eat something. However, when you’re flying such a short distance, there’s really no need to go overboard. The leg room on Air Asia flights might make for an uncomfortable trip if you’re very tall, but for most people it’s just about enough.

One of the best places to get cheap Phuket flights is, as always, online. For domestic flights you can usually get a good deal directly from the airlines. However, for cheap international flights to Phuket, you’re best bet is to consult an online travel agent.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Air Asia is the way to go without a doubt, if you check their flights a few months ahead you can all ways find a bargain. I use as they check all dates for the next 4 months, and you can type in loose terms like HKT to Europe.

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