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For hundreds of years Thai boxing has been considered one of the most violent tradition in unarmed combat sports. Centuries ago, Thai fighters wrapped their fists in leather, lined with cotton one side, and on the impact side, the lining was dipped in glue, then broken glass. It’s rumored in the annals of Thai martial arts history that the Thai king, Phra Chao Seua “The Tiger King” went disguised into boxing matches during his early reign.

The first Thai fighter to be famous was Nai Khanom Tom, said to have defeated nine Burmese men in order to win his freedom. Muay Thai has a violent history, and is amongst the most infamous of martial arts, regardless of the modern safety rules, and restrictions on fighters.

Throughout Patong, tourists may run into the occasional demonstration, though most of these are either amateur, or staged, however, it’s not hard to find the real deal in Patong.

The best place to find real Muay Thai is at the Patong Boxing Stadium on Sai Namyen Road, where journalists of every possible geographical origin speak of the incomparable atmosphere that seems to demand one thing: blood. No lie, it’s an incredibly violent sport, so if your thing is watching minimal contact wrestling, or the strictly regulated American boxing, you’ll be in for a shock.

The traditional boxing match begins with a ceremonial dancing ritual, that begins with the “wai khru”, in which the boxer bows three times to their trainer as a sign of respect, and commences the dance, called the “ram muay”. During the ram muay, the boxer wears a headband earned from their trainer after years of dedication to the martial art.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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