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When planning a holiday to Phuket Thailand there are plenty of accommodation options from typical beach resort Phuket hotels to more expensive luxury hotels allowing for something that will fit every travellers’ budget. However, regardless of where you plan to stay if you are planning your holiday during the peak season (November- May), it would be wise to book your hotel a few months in advance because rooms quickly become filled and the prices will start to raise exponentially the closer you get to the high season.

Room prices in Phuket tend to start at 500 baht for hotels that are away from the beach and 1,000 baht for Phuket hotels that are located directly on the beach. Most resort rooms start at around 120 pounds per night and go up from there quickly so if you want a beach resort holiday be sure to book in advance.

Online is usually the best place to search for great deals on Phuket hotels and you will discover that the best hotel prices are usually secured if you book direct with the hotels instead of trying to compile a package. It is not advisable to book accommodation when you arrive on the island because the owners will charge you much more since they know you have a limited array of options.

Fully furnished homes are also available for letting in Phuket for around 7000 to 10000 Baht per month with an agreement that you will stay for at least a month. Luxury villas are also spread throughout the island and come in many budget ranges depending on the season you are travelling during, the size of the villa, and the location. As you may expect, beach villas cost more than those that are situated closer inland so if you are willing to “commute” moving inwards is the best option.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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