Come to Phuket… To Find a Wife?

phuket_shoreIs Phuket the ideal place to find a good wife? Our answer is yes. Phuket is a beautiful island off the coast of Thailand where you’ll notice a large number of Thai – Western couples. You may notice during your stay, that within schools and playgrounds, there are many children of mixed ethnicity happily playing with local Thai children. A complete generation of culturally diverse children are growing up to be a large asset of Phuket’s tourist industry. The trend of mixed marriage in Phuket has exploded over the last decade. The main reason behind this is Phuket’s tourist trade and readily available sex.

Every year more than a million of western tourists visit Phuket and it is natural that some percentage of those people will fall in love with locals, especially since many Thai women are so appealing. But this can not be the only reason behind it; there’s more to it than just physical attraction. The Caribbean, US and Mediterranean attracts millions of tourists but there you will not find so many mixed marriages as you will find in a small place like Phuket. There are many female tourists also in Phuket but few of them prefer to settle there; meanwhile the number of male tourists that prefer to settle in Phuket is countless. So, we can draw a conclusion;  there are many male tourists who really come to Phuket to find a wife than any thing else.

Many men are dissatisfied with their experiences of women in their own country. Presently, women have become very confident, assertive and very demanding in the relationship. and they expect a lot from their partners. The more old-fashioned, traditional men really do not like it. They want feminine, devoted wives. But you still cannot apply the same formula for all the men who marry Thai girls and settle in Phuket. They all have their own story. But to make a broad generalisation, you can place these men in three groups. This may happen anywhere in the world but our first group, is men that fall in love in Phuket because the girls are a novelty;  Thai girls are charming and attractive, and mostly, new to the men who love them.

The second group of men fall tn love with bargirls; these women work in the sex industry, they know very well how to sell themselves and attract men to them. This group men pick up a bargirl just to have sex and enjoy the holidays but at the end of holidays attachment becomes so strong that he falls in love. The third group of men come prepared to find a wife in Phuket.  Some try to pick up a girl from sex industry, so they try using agencies or Internet matching services. All of these group have feeling that life in Phuket with Thai wife would be better than present life in his country. Another sub-group, of this category, are those men who come to Phuket for work or to take abreak from work and fall in love with Thai girls and just end up settling down there.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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