Could Hoi An be a Phuket alternative?

While we certainly like to tout how great a holiday in Phuket is, we also keep an avid eye on the tourism industries in other countries in the region. Vietnam is one of those countries that keeps grabbing our attention. Vietnam travel seems to have become increasingly vogue over the past few years. It won’t take you long to be see that Vietnam has beaches and scenery that might even rival fair old Phuket.

We have spent a lot of time in Thailand and one of our biggest regrets is that we never made it to nearby countries such as Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Vietnam in particular is one of those places that was always within arm’s reach, but we neglected to find the time to visit.

Of all the places in Vietnam that tempt us, we already have a soft spot for Hoi An, which looks eerily similar to Phuket Town. It has that same kind of colonial, sleepy vibe that we’ve come to know and love.

You could probably spend a good few days getting lost down the side-streets of Hoi An, which has become one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations. Such an accolade is usually the kiss of death for any destination, but in the case of Hoi An it looks as if a steady tourist trade has yet to have a negative impact on the area.

If the whole backpacker thing puts you off, you needn’t worry, because, like Thailand, Vietnam’s tourist industry now offers more than just dingy guesthouses and backpacker digs – and Hoi An is no exception.

The Hoi An hotels we’ve seen start at about 40 bucks a night and go all the way up to almost $700 a night at the luxury Nam Hai Hotel. It all screams “Honeymoon!” and “Romantic getaway!” to us. Perhaps now is the time to start planning for next year’s Valentine’s Day.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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