Could online casinos be the answer to Phuket’s anti-gambling laws?

Gambling is illegal in Phuket as it is all over Thailand. This doesn’t mean that gambling doesn’t happen, but it’s not an open activity. We have a friend who was once arrested for playing cards for coins in school. No kidding. There has been talk in the past of turning Phuket into some kind of Maucau, but these plans have yet to materialize.

UK casinos and US online casinos are doing a roaring trade at the moment. There is a lot of scope for copying such models and implementing them in Phuket. Thai people love to gamble. If you’ve ever been to Poipet, the border town between Thailand and Cambodia, you would have seen hundreds of Thai people crammed into half a dozen casinos.

Whether or not we’ll ever casinos in Phuket remains to be seen. There’s no doubt that it would attract a lot of people to the island, but it would take years to develop and would no doubt come across strong staunch opposition. In the meantime, online casino review sites provide information about where people can gamble on the Internet. However, many gambling websites are blocked in Thailand and some won’t let you register from the country because gambling is illegal.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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