Crazy Phuket Kids aren't as Crazy as Police Thought

Those who worry about what their kids are doing on the weekends at local clubs in Phuket, can relax a little now. As part of an ongoing effort to control the ever-increasing about of youth and drug crime, police in Phuket conducted drug raids, and mandatory ID checking on a few of the city’s most popular clubs. Although some residents think the actions are a little extreme, others are much more supportive. This pro-active attempt to control violence and drug crime is an aggressive step towards a safer city, –and not just safer for tourists and vacationers, but all its citizens, of every age and profession. According to the Phuket-Gazette:

“Phuket Governor Wichai Phraisa-ngop, some top officials and a lot of police officers crashed some of Phuket City’s most popular parties on Friday night – on the hunt for drugs and weapons. But those who fret about the loose morals of Thailand’s youth of today will be relieved to find out the police came out empty-handed. Gov Wichai, Vice Governor Smith Palawatvichai, Phuket Public Health Office officials, customs officers and Phuket City Police took part in the raids at the Kortormor, Sofa and Blue Marina nightclubs. Revelers were searched for drugs and weapons and subjected to urine testing. Their identification papers were also checked to ensure they were over 18 years old. Not one was found to be breaking the law. Gov Wichai said that random searches were nevertheless crucial in the fight against crime.”

So despite all the testing, as well as the cost of this little expedition, no drugs, weapons, or juvenile delinquents were found. Common sense suggests that although no one was found breaking the law, doesn’t mean that some of the more hardcore party-goers didn’t sneak out before being caught with their figurative “pants down”. Still, the lack of crime detected at these raids is very encouraging, not only to tourists who may hesitate because of reports of crime in Phuket, but also to Phuket’s citizens, who have to live here, even after all the vacationers decide to go home. Gov Wichai stated:

“There are more than 300,000 people registered as living here, as well as a lot of tourists and foreign workers,” he said. “Our 1,000 police officers and 70 volunteers just aren’t enough to check all the entertainment venues.”

“That’s why we carry out random searches,” he said. “We have to show people we’re serious in order to make them obey the law.”

Author: Phuket Vogue

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