Enjoy the Nightlife in Karon Beach

In Phuket, if you are looking for a nightlife scene which is a balance between the rowdy and the relaxed, then Karon would be the place to go to. There are also many tourists here but does not get as busy as Patong does. However, Karon does offer a good number of bars and restaurants which serve as great places to go at night to meet and interact with other locals and tourists.

The nightlife scene in Karon is primarily centered on Luang Poh Chuan Road and in the Aroona Karon complex. These areas both have several pubs and bars, along with some upscale and stylish watering holes. Most of these nightlife venues are close together but not really that crowded so you would be able to do a bit of bar-hopping at your own pace.

Luang Poh Chuan Road can be compared to the Bangla Road of Patong, with a bar soi on each of the ends. Some of the bars here would include Hot Shot, Nan’s and Winner. You can also find a side street that has a few shops and restaurants. Most of the bars on Luang Poh Chuan Road are equipped with pool tables. There are also some bars which offer a bit of a lascivious atmosphere such as Amazon, Easy Bar and Bikini Bar. If you are looking for a trendy bar, you can try out the Karma Lounge, the Nakonai Art Plaza and the Sanook Sports Bar.

Aroona Karon would be the other main nightlife area in Karon. It is a good place to go to for both dinner and drinks with its good variety of restaurants and bars. Some of the bars here would include the Skylight Bar, the Viking Bar, the Allies Bar and the Magic Bar.

Prices of drinks in Karon are less expensive than in Patong, but are more expensive than in Phuket City. Local beer such as Chang, Singh, Tiger, Leo and Cheers cost around 70 to 100 baht, imported beer such as Heineken and San Miguel cost about 80 to 110 baht, while spirits cost about 90 to 120 baht.

For those who would be traveling with their families and are not really interested in the nightlife that Karon offers, some entertaining activities to do would include a visit to the Dino Park where you can play some miniature golf, eat some burgers and take a lot of pictures. You can also watch the breathtaking sunset at the Koh Chang Elephant Camp, where the resident monkeys would surely be a delight to young kids.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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