Finally Free of Tsunami Scare

Phuket, while lovely, has faced tsunami dangers in the past, and had a warning issued quite recently about a tsunami. Phuket has suffered serious tsunamis in the past, which created a great deal of damage and took many lives. The warning that was issued this past September (2009), which was canceled after no tsunami occurred, was a precaution because of the magnitude 7.6 earthquake that occurred off Sumatra; causing concern that it might have generated a tsunami.

Five years ago, Phuket was hit and severely damaged by “the Boxing Day tsunami” of December 26, 2004, which was caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake, and suffered extensive damage. The Indian Ocean Earthquake caused tsunamis which wreaked havoc in eleven different countries and killed thousands of people. As many as 250 people were reported dead in the Phuket area of Thailand, including some foreign tourists in the area.

Many businesses in the area suffered extreme damaged. Many major chain stores and restaurants were completely destroyed. The devastation to the area took months and months to restore, and even then not fully.

The tsunami caused extensive damage, however much of the Phuket’s administrative and emergency services were untouched by the devastation along the coast and it is likely that this is one of the chief reasons why the island has been able to bounce back so quickly from the terrible ordeal.

Because of this past tsunami that had been caused by an earthquake; Phuket was practicing caution by issuing the tsunami warning after the Sumatra earthquake this September. Fortunately no tsunami occurred and Phuket remains safe and undisturbed this season.

Heed any warnings, however rare that might be to occur, and keep aware of the natural events occurring near the area. Have a wonderful time in Phuket, and I hope you enjoy a safe season.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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