Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach in Phuket

Freedom Beach is hidden away round the corner from the southern end of Patong Beach. You can only get there by boat (longtail usually), either from Patong Beach (1,000 to 1,5000 baht) or Tri Trang Beach (about 500 baht). You could also take a speedboat for a little more, but for the kind of beach it is, it looks a lot better to arrive by longtail.

Freedom Beach is about 300 meters long. It definitely ranks as one of the most beautiful Phuket beaches. The sand is near white and the water is clear. Although it was hard hit by the tsunami, Freedom Beach still has some coral reefs, which will no doubt grow and reach their former levels as time goes by.

Snorkeling is decent at Freedom Beach, but not as good as in other places. There are better spots around Phuket for watching the marine life, but it’s the beach itself that’s the real attraction here. Freedom Beach is a private beach, but members of the public are allowed to go there.

The beach has a few small restaurants and some toilet facilities. There are no banana boats and jet-skis at Freedom Beach and the locals who work there keep the entire area spotless.

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