Freelance writer misses Phuket

As a freelance writer based in Southeast Asia, I’ve traveled around the region a bit, meeting lots of people and seeing lots of places. After spending a year in Phuket I had had enough of the place, but I now feel a kind of sadness in my heart that I’m not still in that place.

Phuket is a great island to live on. It’s also a great place to work as a freelance writer thanks to the large number of magazines on the island. There are also a bunch of magazines in Bangkok that like receiving content from Phuket.

So there was always work while I was there, but somehow I just felt restless and wanted to move on. I would say that I miss Phuket more than I miss Bangkok. Living in Bangkok was always fun, but sometimes it was just too much. In Phuket, everyone has their own favorite spot where they can relax and enjoy life.

I’m now a freelance writer based somewhere in Southeast Asia. I hope to return to Phuket some time.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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