Fun on the Land at Patong Beach!

If you thought the only fun you can have at Patong Beach was on the beach itself, you are wrong! Well, sure the beach is great, and the water’s fine, –but you don’t want to turn into a fish do you? And sand is grand, but you don’t want every shower after the beach to be an anatomic scavenger hunt for sand, do you? Of course not! That’s why it’s so awesome that there is still plenty of activities to do on the island, –and not all of them involve food or shopping or sightseeing, –you can always do that at home. Check out the great land activities we’ve jotted down for you below.

Elephant Riding – This is one animal that won’t mind if you’re a couple pounds over weight; or even thirty. And this is not your typical, lap-around-a-dusty-exhibit-at-the-zoo elephant ride. You can ride these elephants through their natural habitats on the island, and see various features of the jungle. Report any elephant care facilities that look like they’re abusing or neglecting the animals, and choose only those companies that look like genuinely care for Thailand’s most treasured indigenous animal.

Horseback Riding – You can go anywhere on Patong Beach on horseback, –probably not the actual public beach though, seeing as horses don’t use a litterbox or toilet when they need to do their business. But you can certainly ride through the island’s jungles, and see Patong’s exotic wildlife, birds, and flora.

ATV Exploring – If you like to go fast, but could never get the hang of a dirtbike, or motorcycle, you’ll love renting an ATV in these areas, speeding around the island, and kicking up sand! It’s a great way to get dirty, and have a blast. Be sure to choose rental services that look safe, and if possible, are insured.

Try these other great land activities in Patong!

  • Mountain Biking
  • Bungy Jumping
  • Rock Climbing

Author: Phuket Vogue

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