Getting to know Patong Bay for your Patong trip

If you’ve heard of Patong then you will have heard of Patong Bay. Patong Bay basically comprises the beach area of Patong, what with Patong being a bay and all. The beach is not the most beautiful in Phuket, but it’s a good enough place to start and get things rolling while on a Patong trip.

The first thing you’ll see on your Patong trip are the throngs of people sunbathing and the alarming number of parasols. It’s not like in Bali where you can have parasols on the beach, which is a shame, but you soon get used to it. This is what makes Patong Bay what it is.

The beach around Patong Bay is reasonable and the swimming is OK, although the water can be a little dirty. You won’t want to spend your entire Patong trip in the water, that’s for sure. There is, however, no reason why you can’t go out for a paddle.

There is sometimes a bit of surf, but catching waves isn’t ideal around Patong Bay. There are numerous people, however, who swear by the watersports on offer on a Patong trip. Be prepared, though, because these watersports are noisy and obnoxious.

Most of the waterspots at Patong Bay are focused on jet-skiing. We don’t have anything against jet-skiing in theory, but it is an annoyance, swimmers do get hurt and they spoil the scenery and really put a downer on any Patong trip.

Also, if you hire a jet-ski at Patong Bay and it comes back with even a scratch of damage, you’ll have to pay a fine and maybe deal with the police if you put up a fight. It’s best not to argue with anyone while on a Patong trip.

Patong Bay also has a fair number of speedboats for hire. You can usually get one of the Thai guys to take you and your friends out onto the water so you can make the most of your Patong trip and avoid some of the crowds.

One other “sport” that we aren’t too keen on at Patong Bay is parasailing, which involves strapping yourself into a parachute and having a speedboat drag you along. We’ve seen it too many times that people get dragged along the beach, bumping into everything and everyone along the way and all but ruining a perfectly good Patong trip.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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