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phuketES1609_468x310There are some genuine reasons for foreign students to go Phuket for study:

a) The place is very cost effective.
b) the courses offered by Thai universities are globally recognized.
c) It’s warm and quiet climate gives very comfort for students to be attentive in study.

But first, there are some steps to take, in order to go to Thailand for study. The applicant can choose the program of his choice. It is advisable to choose as many programs possible in beginning. In final stage of application, he or she can choose the program of the university where he or she gets selected. Some universities may ask for all original documents along with form, while others approve even Xeroxed or faxed copies of documents. After receiving the letter of admission, the foreign student will be considered as he or she is accepted for the program of the particular university.

The letter gives the date from when class will be started and the subjects, and how  she or he is allowed to enroll. Foreign students are allowed to enroll for a minimum of three subjects per semester. There are three things required to apply for a Thailand student visa.

1. Letter of admission.
2. Valid passport.
3. Recent passport size photograph.

Once a potential foreign student has these three required things, he may apply for student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Thai Consulate in his country. If the applicant is already in Thailand with valid tourist visa, he need not to depart from the country to convert it to student visa. But, if he does not have a valid tourist visa, in that case he will have to leave Thailand and apply for student visa from outside of the country. Initially the student visa will be issued for ninety days only. Within ninety days, the student will have register himself with Thai university and pay the corresponding tuition fee for his studies.

Once the student completes these two prerequisites, he may get a one year student visa in Thailand without leaving the country. Foreign students in Thailand have responsibilities; not fulfilling them could mean losing their student visa. After the Thailand student visa is issued, the visa holder must notify the government about their location and status every ninety days. This rule is for the safety of the student. The  student must complete a short form and give their current address so that Thai immigration offices can tell where he or she is, at any given time.

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