How safe is Phuket?

British Ambassdaor Quinton Qayle was in Phuket recently. He spoke to a local English-language newspaper about safety in Phuket. There have been a number of attacks on foreigners recently, leading people to question how safe Phuket is.

We’ve been in Phuket a while. So, is Phuekt safe? Mr Quayle voiced his concern about the number of attacks on foreigners, particularly people being mugged late at night while out on motorbikes.

We have never been mugged. While it is true that there have been several attacks in Phuket in recent months, it’s no reason to put off a trip to the island. As with most cities in the world, it’s not advisable to travel around on motorbikes after dark in certain areas. A number of attacks have occurred in Rawai, but muggings are by no means centralized.

Common sense is key. Going out sampling the nightlife in Phuket and then riding home at night while drunk is not a smart move. Take care with the choices you make while in Phuket. Avoid unlit streets if you’re traveling by bike at night. Furthermore, keep your bags close. If you find yourself being confronted, just give over everything you have without protest. It’s not worth being shot or stabbed for the sake of a couple thousand baht and a cellphone.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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