How to Choose a Karon Hotel

Karon beach is considered as one of the longer and cleaner beaches on the island of Phuket. It has become more and more popular among tourists over recent years primarily because of its beautiful white sandy beaches, wide range of beach activities, great restaurants and excellent hotels and resorts which all make for an amazing vacation.

However, before heading off to Karon beach, it would be advisable to make sure that you already have a reservation with a good Karon hotel. If you have not made up your mind yet, here are some tips on how to choose a great hotel or resort in Karon.

1. First off, decide on which part of Karon beach you would like to have your accommodations on. You can stay in: the northern area which offers a relaxed atmosphere; the central area which is closer to the main nightlife area; or in the southern area which is close to Kata Centre’s shops, bars and restaurants.

2. Once you have chosen a specific area on Karon beach, search online for a good list of hotels there. Read about the types of rooms that each of them has, along with their facilities and amenities. If you would be traveling alone, a basic studio-type room might be fine but if you would be traveling as a couple or with your family, you might want a bungalow or villa which would give you more space and privacy. Also, if you would be traveling with small children, it would be good to check if a particular Karon hotel or resort has rooms or accommodations which cater to young kids and their enjoyment. While checking the room specifications, make sure that you would be checking what type of view each room or villa has and if it can easily be accessed from the pool or beach.

3. Check for their prices and available packages. Compare one Karon hotel with another. There are some that already include breakfast with their room prices, while there are some that do not. There are also some hotels which offer packages that include some tours and other activities. Just make sure that you choose one that you would actually want to do – it would be pointless to get a package with a Karon hotel or resort which includes activities that you would not want or would not have time to do.

4. If you have other questions or concerns, make sure that you would be contacting your travel agent or the Karon hotel or resort directly. Check again if they have any new packages or offers. Ask if they offer discounts if you pay ahead in full and check for availability.

5. Check the shops and restaurants which are located near the Karon hotel or resort that you are considering. You could choose one that is in the center of everything – with shops, restaurants and bars nearby or you could choose one that is slightly more isolated to give you a more peaceful stay while still being able to walk to a shop or a restaurant when you want to.

6. Check if the Karon hotel or resort offers ample parking or transportation services. There are some hotels which offer shuttle services to and from the airport.

7. Read some reviews and testimonials of the particular Karon hotel or resort that you are eyeing. However, make sure that the reviews and testimonials that you will be reading are from a reputable website. You can also ask for advice and recommendations from friends or relatives who have recently gone to Phuket.

Karon beach truly offers some of the best resorts in all of Phuket. Whether you would be traveling for business or for pleasure, you would surely be able to find one that would suit your needs and your budget.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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