How To Find the Perfect Patong Beach Hotel

Finding the perfect Patong hotel might seem like a Herculean task; after all, it’s just like any other vacation, and finding the hotel, making the reservations, it’s all so stressful, right? Wrong; relax, we can get you through this on your way to Patong Beach.

Actually, the accommodation part of your trip, you know, the part where you pick a spot where you, your family, or just you and a hot date, can sleep and recuperate, — it’s not all that hard to choose. It just requires a little bit of organization, and most of this can be done right from your laptop or desktop, with the aid of your favorite search engine, or travel site. So drag up your favorite word program, or a pen and paper, and let’s get started on finding the perfect Patong hotel.

First of all, make a list of the people you’re bringing along; kids, pet, wife, girlfriend; family, or friends. Next, consider the things they can’t live without, their likes, and dislikes, or what they’ll most be looking forward to on the trip, and include yourself. Will you want to be close to the beach? Will there be a necessity for special amenities, in case you’re bringing young children or teens? Will your Patong hotel allow animals? What are the people coming along looking forward to the most? If you don’t know, ask them, and add it to your list. Believe it or not, you’ll probably have a little fun; just think of it as a pre-holiday survey.

Now, group together the most important bits of information, out of the list you’ve made, and take a look. Believe it or not, you’ve just described, with the help of your traveling companions, what kind of Patong hotel you’ll be needing. Apply this information to your search, which should already include your prerequisites for price, and location. Now you’re half done! Halfway into this guide, you might be thinking, why is all this necessary? Especially if you’ve never been to the Patong Beach area; this is mainly because Patong Beach is extremely popular with all kinds of tourists, and people with children need to be wary of the sex tourism that the area is popular for.

Likewise, people coming to Patong Beach for that specific reason, should be aware of which areas cater to their kind of entertainment; for example, knowing which hotels, and what quality of hotels, are closer to the more adult nightlife, is important information to have. Couples and newlyweds may seek out quieter areas of Patong Beach; if you’ve been to the area, don’t point and laugh! They do exist, and with a little research, romantic, uncrowded areas can be found. Others still, might prefer to be directly on the beach, but aren’t sure which part of the beach is most appropriate for their holiday; but remember to research. There’s a Patong Beach hotel for every vacation!

Author: Phuket Vogue

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