How to have fun on your Patong Phuket holiday

If you’re reading this then you’re halfway to making a great choice for your next holiday destination. Patong Phuket – it has sun, sea, sand and… a few other goodies to discover. It may not be the connoisseur’s choice when it comes to a Phuket holiday, but there’s no reason why it can’t still be a lot of fun.

First up, Patong Phuket is a lively beach destination that has an obvious focus on nightlife, dining out and shopping – pretty much everything you need for a Phuket holiday. The beach itself has seen better days. Part of the problem with development in the area is that the sand and sea have suffered.

If you’re after the best beach on the island, you won’t want to spend your Phuket holiday entirely at Patong Phuket, but as a base, it’s a good place to start because it has so much going on and you have easy access to numerous travel agents and suchlike if you want to travel around the island.

The most exciting side of time in Patong Phuket is the nightlife. No Phuket holiday would be complete without a jaunt around the area’s many bars, clubs and discos. The bulk of the beer bars are located on Bangla Road. They’re loud, heaving with people totally in your face, but it’s where the cheap booze is so it can’t be too bad.

This is also the part of Patong Phuket where the majority of the island’s bar girls operate, so if you’re after a little (paid) nighttime love to add a touch of spice to your Phuket holiday, this is undoubtedly the place to get it.

All that partying, however, is hungry work, so it won’t be long before you’ll be gagging to sample the delights of Patong Phuket’s numerous restaurants. Honestly, there are so many you will be spoiled for choice. The foreign restaurants tend be a little on the expensive side for Phuket, but unless you’re very aware of the cost of living in Thailand, you probably won’t notice.

To sum up, Patong Phuket is one of the busiest parts of the island, but it would be silly to miss out on at least seeing the place during your Phuket holiday. There are quiet spots of the place if you fancy hiding out, but for a few drinks and some laughs, nothing beats it.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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