Important Safety Tips For Patong Beach

There are several ways to take advantage of a tourist; after all, don’t the tourists who visit your country or area get taken advantage of? There are also many things you can do to stay safe. We’ve outlined some of these important facts, just for you, so that your trip will be memorable, in the best of way.

On the Beach

May through October, the monsoon tides are coming in, which means dangerous undertows, the occasional large wave, and this makes it easy to get further out than you planned. These conditions are responsible for a few drownings in this season, and lifeguard towers are becoming an increasingly common site along Patong Beach. A red flag in the water or flying off the lifeguard towers means: Stay out of the water! If the flags aren’t up, check the conditions anyway. If you do get caught in the undertow, just float or swim parralell to the beach, and let the waves move you towards the shore. Another potential safety risk are the water skiiers, jet skis, and boats that often get a little to close to swimmers. Stay close to the beach, and don’t swim too far out. These machines don’t always stay in their own limited areas, and anyone with cash can rent them, including the inebriated.


The increased action of terrorism has mostly affected areas in southern Thailand, which, some worry, may make Phuket a target, since its highly traveled by tourists. By increasing checkpoints and strictly regulating and prosecuting criminal activity, the local law enforcement in Phuket is very effective in minimizing risk for tourists. Police in Phuket relentlessly pursue criminals, and constantly thwart terrorism by simply remaining alert.


All we can tell you is never drink and drive; everyone else is doing it, so you’ll need to have a clear head to be able to swerve before they slam into you. Most of the drivers in Phuket are either drunk, unlicensed, aggressive, or all of the above. Traffic fatalities are a big issue, especially for people on scoots, or motorbikes.

Check back next month for more important safety tips!

Author: Phuket Vogue

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