Internet speeds in Phuket

Internet in Phuket has been a real issue for most of us. For a long time, there just wasn’t a decent way to get Internet access in Phuket. We’ve been rocking the CAT CCU-650 USB modem (10,900 baht) for a while and for a 900-baht-a-month service, we haven’t been all that impressed.

This morning, however, we started a download on uTorrent and what d’ya know, we had a download speed peaking at close to 100Kbps for the first time – ever. We don’t know what has happened to the Internet speeds in Phuket, but everything just got a hell of a lot faster.

Youtube videos now play without the need to pause the action for a few minutes. This is great news for people subscribed to one of CAT’s services. Elsewhere there are still problems with the Internet around Phuket, but CAT has certainly stepped up its game, most likely because of competition from TT&T and TOT. CAT is no longer the only service offering fast Internet speeds in Phuket.

CAT recently rolled out its new CCU-680 USB modem, which, according to local computer guru Woody Leonhard, doesn’t offer much of an upgrade aside from making programs such as Skype run a whole lot faster.

CAT’s USB modems are a great way to get Internet access without needing a phone line. Most of the island is covered, so you can travel around and stay connected. We’ve actually been as far as Khao Lak and still had service. Bangkok is not covered, however.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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