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house for sale in phuketIf you are looking for a secure investment which is lucrative, real estate offers you a fine choice. With the land value constantly increasing, there are very few places around the world where buying a new plot of land is affordable. Phuket in Thailand is one place where you can find plots at reasonable and affordable prices. Several new developments are happening over at the island of Phuket. There is a serious demand for properties at this island and this boom is likely to continue for at least a decade.

Highlights of Phuket

Fast becoming the ace tourist location of Asia, Phuket despite being a small island has world class facilities. Several schools and hospitals, boasting state of the art amenities have been established in the recent years. To add to these facilities, Phuket prides in having some of the most wonderful and picturesque beaches. There is no scarcity for shopping malls and restaurants. To go along with it is the pleasant and affable neighbourhood that makes you feel at home, any day.

Buying Property in Phuket

Since the island is rapidly developing, you might have to reserve a particular plot of land in advance. You can finish the formalities for buying the plot within the next 30 days after which you are expected to pay around one fourth of the total cost of the plot. You can pay the rest of the money in instalments. You should complete the payment before your house is constructed, which could be around a year. People land up with great deals where they end up getting the plot by as much as 30% lesser than the original market rate.

Investment Returns

If you sell the house immediately after the completion of the construction, you can sell it at the market rate. The land value is increasing by 30% each year. You can sell the property after a couple of years for a handsome profit. On the other hand, you can rent the place. You can get around 8 % of your capital each year which is a great return! Phuket has become the first choice for tourists and people who are looking for holiday homes. Now is the right time to get a new property in Phuket and enjoy attractive returns.

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