Is a Phuket tour right for you?

As little as ten years ago, only a handful of people besides the locals even knew the name; these days this little island in the south of Thailand is drawing visitors from all over the world. Phuket has been called the ‘Pearl of the Andaman’, and why not? Surrounded as it is by the Andaman Sea, one of the warmest spots in all the earth’s oceans, with its miles and miles of smooth white sand beaches, palm-fringed lagoons and lush forests and jungles, this eco-paradise is rapidly becoming the high point of many a traveller’s dream Phuket tour.

With the upsurge in tourism, a multitude of opportunities has been opened up to visitors with all sorts of interests. Whatever your leanings, there is probably a tour to match your particular desires and expectations, and “the skies are not cloudy all day” Even in the monsoon season (April and May), mornings and afternoons are usually sunny and warm making day trip Phuket tours very practical.

You can take a 4-wheel drive Phuket tours through the jungle, or go a little slower on elephant-back. Take a day tour to visit the Big Buddha on his hill and paddle through the mangrove swamps in the lowlands, with countless other stops in between including rubber plantations and hillside fish farms.

Considering Phuket’s location and the proximity of so many small (some uninhabited) islands, it’s not surprising that a great many Phuket tours are conducted by boat. The clear aquamarine and turquoise waters are some of the best and most colourful in the world for swimming with the aquatic wildlife. Awesome marine caves that can only be entered by boat are a must-see, but go with an experienced Phuket guide who knows the area and the tides.

Drop anchor at tiny islands about the size of a football pitch where the sand is pristine white and fish in every colour of the rainbow swirl around you in bathtub-temperature water. Set sail on a romantic sunset Phuket tours cruise where all the most enticing aspects of tropical living are brought together including a marvelous dinner on deck while you watch the sea turn from aqua to midnight blue.

There are so many Phuket tours options that the choice may be difficult, but there are many friendly and competent people and agencies to steer you towards the adventure of a lifetime.

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