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Superstar DJ extraordinaire Judge Jules was back in Phuket on January 15 throwing down some more of his trademark beats. The gig was once again held at Seduction in Patong and it was another packed-out affair, which can only be a positive thing for Phuket’s evolving nightlife scene. Here’s what the Judge had to say about his latest trip to the island.

Judge Jules at Seduction in Phuket

Vogue: How was your night at Seduction; how did it compare to last year’s show?
Jules: Although this has supposedly been a very quiet year for Phuket as a resort, it was busier and better than my last visit.

Vogue: Have you seen any progress in the DJ club scene in Phuket since your last visit?
Jules: I didn’t get to visit any other venues, but Seduction has improved as a venue since last year, with better sound and relocated dj booth.

Vogue: What did you do on your downtime here?
Jules: Shopped and stuffed myself with Thai seafood.

Vogue: How did you first have the idea to play in Phuket? Had you ever been here before?
Jules: I’d played in Bangkok and Samui, but last year was my first Phuket visit. After this second trip, I hope there will be many more.

Vogue: What do you think it will take to have a club scene in Phuket like in Samui, Ibiza or elsewhere?
Jules: As a location it’s certainly got the right type of crowd, all it needs is regular international DJ appearances, which Seduction is trying to do.

Vogue: Do you think you’d ever launch a regular gig here or maybe have a home in Phuket or elsewhere in Asia, like you do in Ibiza?
Jules: It’s a little too far away, otherwise I’d happily snap somewhere up in Thailand. I love everything about the country — the people, the atmosphere, the climate and above all, Thai food.

Vogue: Do your kids ever travel with you when you’re on tour?
Jules: Yes, those that take place during school holidays.

Vogue: You seem to keep a pretty relentless touring schedule. Will you slow down now that you have a family? How many shows are you doing these days?
Jules: In 2008 I visited over 30 countries and played roughly 175 gigs. I love it, and don’t plan to calm down any time soon.

Vogue: You say the album Bring the Noise will be available February 2. Where can people in Thailand buy it? Will it be released in stores here?
Jules: It’s available via iTunes right now, and as physical CD product on Feb 2.

Vogue: Do you adjust your sets for the Phuket crowd? Do you find tastes are different here?
Jules: I always play a slightly more, how shall we describe it, familiar set in holiday resorts as the vibe is a bit different and less serious than in major global cities.

Vogue: One of our readers said he’d like to see a good DJ in Phuket over Songkran (the big Thai new year’s festival). Do you think you’d come back in April to play another night?
Jules: I certainly wouldn’t say no.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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