Kan Eang @ Pier seafood restaurant in Chalong

Ad: Chalong Pier, Chalong. Tel: 076-381212. Web: www.kaneang-pier.com

Being an island and all, Phuket has an abundance of seafood restaurants. Kan Eang @ Pier is a seafood restaurant in Chalong that has a big reputation to live up to. People rave about Kan Eang @ Pier and, to be fair, the food is rather good. Expensive, but good.

The oysters aren’t as great as at Natural Restaurant, but as far as seafood restaurants in Phuket go, Kan Eang is up there among the best. Fresh fish, lobster, prawns and a everything else in between.

We particularly recommend the grouper with sweet, sour and chili sauce. The setting at Kan Eang @ Pier is chilled, being right next to Chalong Pier. The restaurant has outdoor and indoor seating, but it’s outdoors by the sea where you will want to be, unless it’s raining. The staff are friendly enough and you can be assured of a great meal if you eat out at Kan Eang @ Pier.

Recommended if you don’t mind paying a little over the odds.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. well, who does not love seafood anyway? Seafood tastes so yummy and is addicting*”,

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