Kargo bar and restaurant in Cherng Talay

Ad: Lagoon Rd, Cherng Talay, Thalang. Tel: 076-326275. Web: www.kargo-phuket.com

Kargo is the perfect place to either to take your sweetheart after dinner or catch up with friends after work. The one-and-a-half storey bar, serving Kingfisher beer, a premium lager from India, is now open in Phuket serving a range of wines, spirits and cocktails. Dinner and tapas are also available.

Entering Kargo bar and restaurant, whether from the ground floor or upstairs, you can tell there’s definitely something about the place. The venue presents a chic mix of flair in design and architecture with new-age color schemes and décor. The dining area is a great place to share meals on a nightly basis. Looking up, there’s striking galaxy ceiling full of stars.

The lounge bar is in the middle and you can sit and chill after dinner. For something a bit quieter, there is also a VIP room on the second floor, along with comfy sofas and a DJ booth. The resident DJ spins a bit of everything, so expect to hear some pop, a few 70s’ numbers and lots of house music. A welcome addition to the Phuket bar scene.

Open 5 pm until 2 am every Tuesday to Sunday.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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