Karon Beach

Karon Beach in Phuket

Karon Beach is perhaps a victim of its own success. At about three miles long, it’s a monster of a beach and also one of the most popular destinations in all of Phuket. The white sand and clear water have been somewhat spoiled by the masses of tourists who flock to Karon Beach. While not quite as messy as Patong Beach, Karon Beach, located directly north of Kata Beach, isn’t the tranquil haven it once was.

The northern end of Karon Beach is the least crowded spot, while the best places for snorkeling can be found in the southern end.

Pretty much all of the beach is covered with sun loungers and parasols, especially the further south you head. While there are no public toilets at Karon Beach, there are restaurants all over the place serving food that is usually overpriced, but pretty decent.

Vendors strolling around the beach will try and sell you snacks, ice creams or beach accessories. Visitors to Phuket often come in search of watersports, of which there are many at Karon Beach. Take your pick from all the usual suspects, including parasailing, jet-skiing and windsurfing. Of course, those damned banana boats also make an appearance. Sea kayaks can also be hired at Karon Beach,

The jet-skis can be a bit of a noise disturbance, especially during high season. Unlike Kata Beach and Kata Noi Beach, Karon Beach isn’t all that great for surfing, even during the monsoon season.

Karon Beach has everything you need, which is its strong point and its weakness. There are far better Phuket beaches, but Karon Beach is easy to get to and is close to numerous hotels and guesthouses. If you look hard enough, you will still be able to find decent spots at Karon Beach.

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  1. I wish to take issue with you here: “not quite as messy as Patong Beach”

    There is no comparison. Karon beach is waaaay nicer than Patong, way less crowded, much tidier and aside from the Karon Beach resort and Ruam Thep Inn, which are right at the south end, there is NO building on the beachfront unlike Patong which is an urban planning nightmare. Just take a drive from Patong to Karon..as soon as you head down the hill and can see Karon beach, you think ” Wow this is nice”. Sure it’s not an unspoiled little gem like Layan beach or Naithon, but of the main beaches Karon is my favourite – Kata would be were it not for the fact that Club Med takes up most of the beach road, making access from other hotels difficult.


  2. Good on ya Jamie. It is nice to see someone who is so passionate about what they care for.

    We will be in Karon in June and your comments have made us feel very comfortable with our choice on location. We can’t wait to get there.

    Kathy (Perth WA)

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