Kata Beach

Kata Beach in PhuketKata Beach, also known as Kata Yai Beach, is one of the most popular beach destinations in Phuket. Trailing behind only Patong and Karon in terms of visitor numbers, Kata Beach is about one mile of appealing beach front.

Being such a popular tourist spot, Kata Beach isn’t the secluded tropical haven it once was. Instead, you have a modern beach destination complete with all the usual suspects in terms of sun, sand and sea, along with modern conveniences, such as restaurants, hotels and guesthouses.

Kata Beach is always busy, even during low season, but there is much less of the overcrowding that you see at other Phuket beaches, such as Patong Beach.

As Phuket is relatively popular, you can be assured that there will always be rows upon rows of sun loungers and parasols, which can spoil the scenery a little. There are also a few spots where you can get a Thai massage or buy souvenirs. The southern part of Kata Beach is pretty much lined with restaurants of varying quality. It is possible to order mediocre food from the comfort of your sun lounger.

Hawkers will try and sell you everything from sunglasses to fruit while you’re sunbathing. As with most of Phuket’s beaches, there are jet-skis, parasailing and banana boats everywhere. Waterskiing and wakeboarding are also possible. Snorkeling is popular at Kata Beach, thanks to the variety of marine life you can see.

During the peak-season months, from November to May, the water is still and the weather scorching. From May to October, the weather conditions become a little more adverse, leading to slightly choppy waters at Kata Beach.

Though not a perfect spot, Kata Beach attracts a large number of surfers during the low season. The waves suit beginners and are fast, but small. Boards can be rented at the beach.

Swimming at Kata Beach is always a pleasure and rarely dangerous, although if the red flags should come out, they do so for a reason.

At the end of each year, Kata Bay plays host to dozens of world-class yachts, all taking part in the ever-popular King’s Cup Regatta.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. My favorite beach in Phuket! One of the primary reasons why I bought my condominium at the Aspasia Phuket back in 2003 was the access to Kata Beach. I love everything about this beach, I love to run on it in the early morning hours and of course one of my favorite distance swims is around PU Island.

    Anyone interested parties who like to join me for some good distance Kata beach swims, just let me know.



    The Retired U.S. Navy SEAL

    (From Kata Beach)

  2. it is convenient to live in a Condominium if you are in a big city but i like big lawns and backyard gardens.”“

  3. I have had the privilege of visiting and staying at Kata twice. The restaurants are great the beer cold and the Summer Coffee shop a great place to chill out and grab a coffee in the morning. love the place. Would return tomorrow if I could. I will be back there as soon as I can maybe next year 2012.

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