Koh Bon

Location: Off the southernmost tip.
How to get there: Catch a longtail boat from Rawai Beach if you’re making you’re own way there.

There are, in fact, two Koh Bons. One is near Rawai and the other is about 20 kilometres north of the Similan Islands.

The one of the coast of Rawai is a lovely little island with some great stretches of beach and numerous opportunities for snorkelling. Definitely worth making a visit to see this Phuket island. Koh Bon is an ideal spot for lazing around and swimming. The main beach is crescent shaped and rather stunning.

All of the facilities and the one accommodation located on the island are owned and operated by the the Evason Phuket Resort and Spa.

The facilities on the island are only for the resort’s guests, so if you’re planning to visit Koh Bon, you’ll want to make the Evason your resort of choice, although there is only one room type of theirs on the island, which is the Honeymoon Suite. If you’re planning to dive near the island, lean towards relying on your boat for relaxation or on parts of the island that are not restricted for those who are not guests of the Evason Resort.

As for the other Koh Bon, the one north of the Similan Islands, well, that’s a diver’s paradise.

This island features beautiful and ideal reef structures surrounding it. Koh Bon is the perfect spot to swim with and discover manta rays. Manta rays can be seen anywhere between early April and late May, but generally speaking, they linger near the island throughout early summer.

There’s also a small cove located on the island that presents an excellent opportunity for night diving. On the western side of Koh Bon you’ll find Koh Bon Pinnacle, though beginner divers are discouraged from attempting to explore this area because it lies exposed in deep water.

On the south side of the island there’s a large coral wall and, like much of the coral reef structures surrounding Koh Bon, it was left undamaged by the tsunami that destroyed many areas around Phuket.

Several species of shark and moray eels can be viewed near this Phuket island.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Hi Matt – the description of Koh Bon here is a bit mixed up – there is another Koh Bon which is north of the Similan islands and that is the one for diving and Manta rays. The Koh Bon near Rawai is pretty – I will be going there for a visit soon!.. but no diving there.

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