Koh Mai Thon

Location: Well off the southeast coast.
How to get there: If you aren’t being ferried over by the Maiton Resort, take a boat from Ao Makham Deep Sea Port.

Koh Mai Thon is a beautiful Phuket island that is home to the luxury Maiton Island Resort. If you want it to be, Koh Mai Thon can be your own private island resort, with full service and every luxury imaginable, which will either turn you right on or put you off completely. Day trips are also possible to this Phuket island.

Koh Mai Thon is small, but there are still plenty of things to do. The resort is an excellent choice for visitors who prefer to go somewhere where they can basically share in experiencing having their own island. There are relatively few other people on the island and so there’s always plenty of time to explore on your own terms, as well as spend some quiet time relaxing without throngs of tourists or fighting your way to find an quiet spot on the beach.

This Phuket island is also known among divers for its beautiful coral reef structures, filled with exotic tropical fish. Diving should always be done responsibly, of course, and there are places in Phuket where beginners and advanced divers can polish their skills before going into the open sea.

There’s also a lot of great fishing around Koh Mai Thon. Fishing on a beautiful beach is an unconventional way to spend a quiet evening, but it can be strangely soothing. And then, of course, there’s lounging on the beach, an excellent past-time, especially for those visitors who have come to Phuket to be as lazy as possible. Swimming is awesome off this Phuket island as the crystal clear water off Koh Mai Thon is crystal clear and makes for a great opportunity to splash around with family.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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