Koh Maphrao, Coconut Island

Location: Off the east coast.
How to get there: Take a boat from Laem Hin Pier (15 baht each way).

Koh Maphrao, or Coconut Island, is one of the more untouched islands around Phuket. The attraction main draw of this Phuket island is that you’ll feel as if you’re stepping back in time as soon as you set foot on the shore. Longtail boats take tourists to the island and back. Coconut island is perhaps not favored by tourists because there isn’t any electricity on the island. The locals at Coconut Island from solar panels.

Don’t let this put you off Koh Maphrao, however, because the island is beautiful and pretty much undiscovered by the majority of travelers.

The natural beauty and undeveloped land make Coconut Island the ideal place for a day trip. There are no facilities, restaurants or shops, but there is lots of sand. If you need to stay overnight at Koh Maphrao, it is possible to hire a very basic room.

The longest beach on Coconut Island is only about 30 meters long, but it’s incredibly quiet and a choice spot for the local fishermen. The beaches on Koh Maphrao offer you a chance to see what Patong Beach looked like thirty years ago.

Much of Coconut Island’s population is made up by about 200 families, most of whom are Muslim. The locals are a peaceful bunch who make a living fishing or tapping rubber..

There are no major resorts on Coconut Island and it really is the perfect island destination in Phuket. Our advice is to just get out and see Koh Maphrao before other people discover this Phuket island.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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  1. Hi,
    Just thought I would let you kinow that coconut Island is on the East coast and not the west.
    Also there is now a resort there which I work for called The Village Coconut Island

    Best Wishes

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