Koh Naka Yai

Location: Off the northeast coast.
How to get there: Take a longtail boat from Ao Por Pier.

Just a few years ago, Koh Naka Yai, the larger of the twin Naka islands, was only inhabited by a small village of fishermen and their families. However, recently, the island has been developed into an eco-friendly tourist destination.

Environmentally conscious developers are turning this Phuket island into a paradise getaway for eco-tourism. Now there are several types of environmentally friendly attractions drawing scores of tourists to the island.

Bicycling through the tropical jungle is popular on this Phuket island, as is hiking, viewing island’s wildlife, sailing, fishing, cultural festivals and much more besides. The list of things to do while visiting Koh Naka Yai is getting longer all the time island. There are several project in development on Koh Naka Yai and the small village is located on the west coast.

As the island becomes more developed to suit tourism, you can’t ignore the Koh Naka Retreat and the rest of the development on the island. The Koh Naka Retreat is a luxury resort that has it all.

The draw of this Phuket island is the long stretches of untouched beachfront. The views across the sea are awesome. There is really nothing to do on the island except enjoy the scenery and laze about all day.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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