Laem Singh Beach

For a long time, Laem Singh Beach was something of a hidden jewel in Phuket’s crown. Now that Laem Singh Beach is more well known, there are larger numbers of tourists to compete with during high season, but the beach is still a beautiful little spot, just north of Patong Beach.

Tucked away between Surin Beach and Kamala Beach, Laem Singh Beach requires a sharp descent down a path that is more like a nature trail. Once you reach the bottom, there is 150 meters of beachfront to gawp at. The location is perfect, hidden in a small bay surrounded by hills and palm trees.

During high season, there are a few annoying jet-skis doing the rounds. Laem Singh Beach is never too crowded, though, especially during low season. In high season, you might also discover that it is difficult to find a parking space. If you do manage to park somewhere, a Thai guy may come and collect a “fee” of 40 baht per car.

Laem Singh Beach isn’t the most modern Phuket beach, so there are only a handful of restaurants and bars dotted about the place along with a few sun loungers. Swimming is pretty good at Laem Singh Beach, although surfing isn’t an option. Snorkelling is possible at the northern end of the beach.

There are also massage ladies if you fancy a spot of pampering.

The food at Laem Singh Beach is mostly standard Thai fare without any real surprises. There is also some Italian food. Beer is cheap enough and there are cocktails on offer, too.

Of course, one of the main draws of Laem Singh Beach are the famous Sunday parties that happen at Laem Singh Lounge Bar at the far end of the beach. Soundwave Sundays are pretty much the only decent beach parties in Phuket.

These parties are popular with the expat crowd and there is usually a decent DJ playing. Don’t go expecting a star-studded mega-party. Soundwave Sundays aren’t the glitz and glamor some websites make them out to be. The parties are just laid-back affairs where people can drink and dance until the early hours of the morning.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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