Less flights to Phuket in the foreseeable future

Flights to Phuket became a little more difficult this week with the announcement that one of Thailand’s leading low-cost airlines, One-Two-Go, will suspend operations from July 22 to September 15. This shouldn’t come as a shock to many people as One-Two-Go was none to be suffering thanks to the high price of oil, but it means that there are now even less flights to Phuket from within Thailand — and this may only be the beginning. This is the last thing that Phuket needs along with the low-season blues and the unpredictable Phuket weather making tourists weary.

In terms of domestic flights to Phuket, there are now two low-cost airlines leading the way: Thai Air Asia and Nok Air. Nok Air in particular is known to be going through difficulties, so it is expected that there will be more flights to Phuket and around Thailand cut in the near future.

It’s a real shame because One-Two-Go is usually a reliable and cheap airlines, but with such cheap tickets come losses for airlines.

At the moment, if you are looking to book flights to Phuket within Thailand, the cheapest option is usually to book in advance and go with Thai Air Asia. Be aware, however, that Thai Air Asia’s flights to Phuket are almost always delayed.

Thai Airways continues to offers its unfaltering “smooth as silk” service to and from Phuket, but you really do pay for the privilege. With oil prices not looking at taking a dip in the near future, it’s a gloomy time for budget travellers.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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