Looking for a Phuket guide who knows the deal

Part of the reason why we set up Phuket Vogue is because a lot of the other websites out there that market themselves as Phuket Guides really don’t do such a great job of actually informing readers of useful information. Most of the Phuket guides out there just rattle off tired out paragraphs about beaches and tin mining.

The reason for this, we think, is that your average Phuket guide website is written by business folks who aren’t really in touch with the youth of the island. This has been a problem in Phuket for years. The whole place feels old. Well, we’re here to act as your Phuket guide and show you that it doesn’t always have to like that.

We’re tired of visiting Phuket websites and feeling like either we’re in the zones of sex tourists or people who retired from work many years ago. While we have nothing against either of these groups of people, we’re more in tune with what’s hip and what’s, well, vogue.

We’re going to start blogging about some of the hipper places to hangout on the island. We won’t always be focusing on Phuket nightlife and Phuket restaurants, so stay tuned.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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