Maeporn seafood restaurant in Phuket Town

Ad: 26 Hongyok Uthit Road, Phuket Town. Tel: 076-236124.

Maeporn Seafood restaurant in Phuket Town is a little gem, hidden away near Lullaby restaurant off Yaowarat Road. The main focus of this seafood restaurant is on lunchtime and dinnertime meals. Maeporn isn’t open late, but if you want to grab a bite to eat during the day, this is a fine place to do it.

If you visit the restaurant during lunch, you’ll notice the large number of local workers dining out there. This is a surefire sign that Maeporn offers great food. The food is Thai through and through, with lots of seafood dishes and regular dishes, too. Maeporn is a great place to sample Thai food in Phuket.

As far as restaurants in Phuket Town go, Maeporn is cheap, extremely cheerful and easygoing. The best time to visit is after the lunch-hour rush, as you will often not be able to find a seat. This is definitely one Phuket Town restaurant worth checking out.

Author: Phuket Vogue

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