Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach in PhuketMai Khao Beach is everything that a Phuket beach should be. There are long, gorgeous, unspoiled stretches where it’s possible to find total seclusion, with not a single person, shop, bar or restaurants in sight.

Part of Sirinath National Park, Mai Kaho Beach is enormous, at almost 10 kilometers long, making it the longest Phuket beach. Untouched white sand bears testimony to the distinct lack of development at Mai Khao Beach. If you have come to Phuket in search of an unforgettable beach, don’t waste your time at Patong Beach, as for too many tourists do. Just head to Mai Khao Beach and enjoy the isolation.

Mai Khao Beach is one of the few places in Phuket where you might want to camp. Otherwise, there are a few places to stay, including some very-high-end resorts.

The beach runs all the way from Nai Yang Beach to Sai Kaew Beach. Mai Khao Beach is located at the north of Phuket. To get to the southern end of the beach you will need to enter the national park, which might see you have to cough up a fee of 400 baht for foreigners, 40 baht for Thais.

However, it is just as easy to access the beach at the northern end of Mai Khao, just before Sarasin Bridge. There you’ll find a few restaurants dotted along the coast. The whole vibe at Mai Khao Beach is totally laid back. The further south you go down the beach, the more secluded you will find yourself.

The central parts of Mai Khao Beach, especially, are actually quite hard to get to and you may need to enlist the help of a motorcycle taxi driver to get there are back.

During monsoon season, the sea can be a little choppy and dangerous. Also, if you are visiting some of the more isolated parts of the beach, it’s best to do so in numbers as there was an incident in which a solo sunbather was attacked.

It’s easy enough to forgive the coarse sand at Mai Khao Beach because the area is so beautiful. There are no banana boats or jet-skis anywhere, which is a big plus point. You might see a few fishing boats here and there, but otherwise, this is the epitome of paradise and it’s a side of Phuket that people seem determined to avoid.

JW Marriott Phuket Resort is the main resort in the area.

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